We are a full service multidisciplinary design collective based in New York City.  We come from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences but are united by the belief that we will do well by doing good.  We want to promote appreciation for the art behind design, quality, innovation and a more sustainable future.  


From design to production, we believe in fair trade and source our materials with this in mind.  We also donate five percent of proceeds of our sales to non-profit organizations near and dear to our hearts including Defenders of Wildlife and Restore NYC.


Be Nice | because mean people suck. 

Eat | Eat all meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, linner, snacks. Eat carbs, eat chocolate, eat vegetarian, eat the mangoes from your parents' backyard. Have thirst for knowledge but never be hungry.

Be Fair | “I paid rent with free samples”-said no one ever. When making it rain money, it should fall on everyone involved. 

Be Passionate | Hate, love, detest, abhor, obsess, but never meh.

Make Mistakes | Because perfect people are really boring at parties.  

Have Taste | We hope for good taste, and we embrace a little bad taste, just don't have no taste.

Be uncool | Cool is just insecurity wearing sunglasses indoors.

Respect | Respect the craft, respect others, and respect yourself.

Collaborate Because you need someone to tell you that Comic Sans is not okay.

Have Fun | The old proverb states it best, “he who laughs, lasts.”




Shilpa Iyengar (aka Madame President) | At Young Designers Collective (YDC, the Collective), we aren't waiting around for the first female president because we have our own - also, being an overachieving Indian, she's overqualified.  Shilpa has traveled the world, knows her chemistry to dye our textiles, and can hand make all of the many hats that she wears as our Commander-in-Chief. Shilpa is also our resident shoe expert. She tests our Alterre shoes by swing dancing the night away.    

Hanh Lam (aka Hanye East) | It will be very hard to leave design behind, but Hanh (aka Hanye East) won't have to worry about that until her rap album drops, any day now.  In the meantime, she designs childrens clothing during the day.  At night, she keeps it real toiling away for the Collective. She can also be found perfecting her old lady hunch in front of her knitting machine, or going old-school with knitting needles. Hanh also pretends to be the da Vinci of sleeve patterning by researching a million ways to draft sleeves.  

Harmony Takaishi Pilobello (aka H Monies) | Legend has it that Harmony was taken from a tropical paradise and brought to America by her Irish father.  How else can one explain why men yell, "You exotic!" at her in the streets of NYC?  She not only weaves magic amongst the locals, Harmony also weaves on a Japanese loom producing ginormous, 3-dimensional textile wall art for restaurants and other city dwellers with large walls.  For the 7 hours and 22 minutes in the week that she's not furiously working in our studio, Harmony can be found rescuing dogs, teaching kids to swim, and making chic blankets out of recycled fabric for the needy.